Javascript API Integration guide

This tutorial guides you through the steps we take as we integrate Surfly into our example application. We start by adding the widget code to our website, and make small adaptations to the code in order to customize the way the session behaves and appears. As we progress through the tutorial, we strip away Surfly's extra functionality, so that in our final application, Surfly acts as a transparent layer on our page.

You can view the code in the repository.

Here is a list of all the steps of this guide:

Please note: It is important to note that Surfly needs to be able to reach the server over the network. You can use tools such as ngrok.io or burrow.io to allow Surfly access to your local machine whilst you are developing locally. However, if you really want to work on an isolated LAN, we can set up a special server for you. If you want to have you own local solution, please feel free to contact us.

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