Surfly options

Here, you can find the reference tables for each of the Surfly session options. You can choose the aspects of Surfly's functionality you want to integrate into your website and personalize your co-browsing sessions. These parameters can be set in the options panel or used in the Javascript or REST API.

Please note: Changes to the code will take priority over changes to the options panel.

Reference Tables

Control Panel Options

Chat box options
Option Default Description
chat_box_color #eb777f Color of UI (chatbox) elements inside the session
dock_top_position false By default we place the dock at the bottom-left, with this option you can put it on top
docked_only false Only show the control options, do not show a video / textchat box
ui_off false Just co-browsing, no user interface (enterprise only)
newurl true Should we show the 'newurl button' in the widget?
store_chat_logs false If enabled, chat logs will be available for download in Surfly dashboard
sharing_button true Should we show the 'sharing button' in the widget?
allow_control_switching true Enable control switching functionality

Drawing options
Option Default Description
drawing_color "default" "Magic marker" color
drawing_mode "temporary" "Magic marker" mode
drawing_width 15 "Magic marker" width
drawing_timeout 3 "Magic marker" timeout

Option Default Description
videochat true Is videochat allowed?

File sharing
Option Default Description
filesharing true Allow file sharing
allow_original_file_download false Allow users to download shared files (when set to false, users can only view them)

Option Default Description
start_muted false All participants start with muted microphone
enable_sounds true Enable sound notifications

Button appearance
Option Default Description
hidden false Do not show the button
language 'en' Language of the interface
position 'bottomleft' Positions the Surfly Support Button. The options are: 'bottomleft', 'bottomright', 'middleright'
Control switching
Option Default Description
agent_can_request_control false A follower can request control, after which it can be granted by the leader
agent_can_take_control false A follower can switch control without an explicit leader consent
agent_can_end_session true Allow terminating a session from the follower's end
Developer console
Option Default Description
verbose_console true When set to false, non-important console messages will be silenced

Session configuration

Screen options/viewport
Option Default Description
max_height 0 Restrict max height of the viewport
max_width 0 Restrict max width of the viewport
min_height 0 Restrict min height of the viewport
min_width 0 Restrict min width of the viewport
set_to_smallest true By default we resize the active viewport to the viewport size of the participant with the smallest screen. This can be disabled
Enterprise options
Option Default Description
white_label false Do not show a Surfly logo (enterprise only)
blacklist "[]" (enterprise only) Restrict access to the specific resources.
whitelist "[]" (enterprise only) Allow access only to the specific resources.

More information on restrictions

Session Interaction

Session start
Option Default Description
auto_restore true (JS API only) automatically restores a session after a page reload
autohide_button true Hide the Surfly button when no agent is available
block_until_agent_joins true If using the Surfly button, block the screen until a follower joins
enable_canvas_compression true Enable canvas compression. Disable it if you are experiencing black elements on the page
format_session_id true Change the session id to something easy to communicate over the phone (eg, 123-123-123)
language 'en' Language of the interface
show_loading_screen true Show the loading screen when starting a session
splash true Do we need to show the splash screen on session start?
start_docked false starts the chat box in docked mode, but can be expanded during the session
stealth_mode true When enabled, users can use CTRL + ENTER to start a Surfly session
url current page Initial URL that will be opened inside the session. Only available in REST API at the moment
File downloads
Option Default Description
share_downloads true Allow users to share downloaded files. If this option is disabled, you can still use the file_download event in JS API
Option Default Description
only_embedded_sessions false By default, if 3rd-party cookies are disabled, we will start the session in a new browser tab. If this option is set to true, Surfly will not start session when 3rd-party cookies are disabled.
cookie_transfer_enabled true
cookie_transfer_proxying true

More information on session continuation

Session end
Option Default Description
follower_redirect_url "" After the session ends, redirect the follower to a custom URL
leader_redirect_url "" After the session ends, redirect the leader to a custom URL
on_end_redirect_follower_to_queue false After the session ends, return the follower to the Surfly Queue page
end_of_session_popup_url false If this parameter is set, after the session ends the user will see a popup window with contents from the specified URL

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