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Surfly documentation

Welcome to the Surfly Docs! By using Surfly you can experience the web together with collaborators. Wether you are a small startup, or a large enterprise, our Co-browsing solution allows you to easily connect people.

With our Javascript API you'll be able to start co-browsing sessions, as well as customize their look and behavior. You can do anything from integrating our default 'Get live help' button, to disabling our UI for a complete whitelabel integration.

With our REST API you have full control over the administration of your Co-browsing sessions, and can even build ontop of our co-browsing technology. Use the REST API to automate the administration of your agents, and interact with the queue, or build Surfly directly into your application, the choice is up to you!

With our Embed API you can seamlessly embed agent interface inside your own application.

Combined, you have all the tools to easily integrate custom co-browsing into the flow you desire.

Here in our documentation you will find details about both Javascript and REST APIs, an example page to help get you started, and a reference for the session options we offer by default.

JavaScript API

Learn how to control the look and behavior of your sessions

Need help?

Feel free to contact us at any time if you need more info. You can drop your question through our chat, take a look at our FAQ, send us an email or book a demo.